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Barbara Scales
Owner & Director

Tel: (514) 276-2694
Fax: (514) 673-0054

Citizenship: Canada and U.S.
Langauges spoke: English, Fench and German
Languages written: English, French


1982-present Founder and Director of Latitude 45/Arts Promotion, Artist Management and Agency, representing artists in all fields of the performing arts including classical and contemporary music, dance, theatre and children’s entertainment. Latitude 45 works globally with one-third of its activities in Canada, one-third in the United States and one third in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.

Among the artists we have managed and/or represented:
The Arditti String Quartet (U.K) The Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Linda Bouchard, composer Keller Quartet (Hungary)
Felix Mirbt Puppet Theatre ANONYMUS early music,
Alain Trudel, conductor, composer and trombonist
Fong Nam music ensemble (Thailand)
Lucille Chung, pianist Polivka (Czech), mime-clown
Claudel String Quartet PierreHébert – film/performance
Lucille Chung, pianist
Susan MacPherson Dance Collection Double Edge Theatre
Margie Gillis La NEF SMAM Kiosque à Musique

Most of the work of Latitude 45 involves art on the leading edge of today's performing arts practice in music, dance, theatre and new media. The market for this work is global rather than local or national and our experience has been in the international marketplace of the new performing arts.

In addition, we work with ensembles and soloists who are focussed on classical repertoire.

In the early days of the company we handled the public relations for several dance companies coming into Montreal for performances including the Toronto Dance Theatre, Danny Grossman, Desrosiers Dance, Karen Jamieson and others. We also collaborated on organizing a dance event for Toronto-based dance companies at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. We handled promotion for the Warebrook Festival in Northeastern Vermont in 1998.

We also produced some concerts in Montreal including the Borodin Quartet and the Arditti Quartet. There are some music-theatre projects which are currently in production.

We have commissioned over 20 works from solo or chamber works to concerti. The trombone concerto of Pascal Dusapin, which we commissioned, has been performed in Las Vegas, Strasbourg, Metz and Paris. The commission was something we put together between the International Trombone Association, the Musica Festival, the Nevada Symphony and the Government of France. It will be recorded on the Naïve label with the Orchestra National de Paris in the fall of 2002 along with two other concerti of Dusapin.

2001- 2002
Consultant: clients include Latitude 45 Arts Promotion; Alain Trudel and Felix Mirbt production of Le Chauffe-Eau; Pierre Hebert and Bob Ostertag "Between Science and Garbage"

Jury member for Les Fonds de Stabiisation de Quebec

Co-Founder and Co-Director of Danséchange, a programme of exchanges between young choreographers of Montreal with young choreographers of other major cities including New York and Paris. This involved establishing a not-for-profit organization, working with a Board of Directors, fund-raising, artistic direction, programming,travel and other logistics and collaboration with local presenters in Paris (Théâtre de la Bastille) and New York (P.S. 122). There were over 24 choreographers involved in these two exchange projects and they included Mark Morris, Ginette Laurin, Philippe Découfflé and Bebe Miller.

1981- 1993 Teacher/instructor in Biology Department of McGill University working in collaboration with John Southin, Professor of Biology. The course is designed to encourage students to think about biological questions in their social and political context. The "philosophical" dimensions of the course were my domain and I was charged with preparing the term paper questions and inciting students to think during our one-on-one "tutorial" meetings.

Polygram, Canada; part time public relations work, primarily arranging luncheons for artists represented by the labels within the Polygram family while in town so that they might meet the press or the record store buyers or simply the Polygram staff. Among the artists I hosted were Cecilia Bartolli, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Neville Marriner and Joshua Bell.
I also prepared texts for internal use for Polygram International on the future of the recording industry.

1977-1982 Assistant Director, McConnell Hall, McGill Residence; I coordinated cultural activities in the Residence including founding a literary magazine for residence students. I edited and published this magazine for four years.

1974-1976 Androgyny Books: co-owner of this gay and feminist bookstore in Montreal, bookstore Manager, sales and purchasing.

1972-1982 Teacher of Modern Dance and theatre at various schools in Montréal including: Champlain College, Dawson College, Concordia University, Pointépienu, McGill Student Union.

1974-1982 Freelance journalism for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Gazette, Modern Times, Montreal Times.


Organize and Moderate panels for Strings of the Future Festival, Ottawa; one on Music and Technology the other on Commissioning New Works.

2001 Guest lecture on International Touring for CINARS Atelier sur la diffusion international, Montréal.

2000 Organizer and Moderator of Panel on Chamber Music Residencies for the Association of Canadian Orchestras

1999 Profile of Yves Sioui Durand, native theatre creator of the Huron Nation, for International Arts Manager Magazine, U.K.

1998 Article on the Arts and Human Rights for International Arts Manager Magazine, U.K.

1996 Article on Artist Residencies: for International Artist Manager Magazine, London, U.K.

1996 NAPAMA Orchestra Forum: Moderator, Beyond Type - Orchestras and soloists: how we go beyond type in programming of orchestras, repertoire for soloists and how can a nineteenth century art form move into the 21st century by remaining true to itself and surpassing itself at the same time; Tanglewood, Mass.

1995 Opinion piece on the harmonious workings of managers and agents for Inside Arts, Arts Presenter's Magazine - Washington, D.C.

1995 International Society for Performing Arts: Artists Managers and Vision - New York

1994 CBC - Personal view on the Provincial Election, solicited for CBC Sunday Election special program, one of a series of four opinion pieces solicited by Executive Producer Alan Conter - CBM

1994 International Society for Performing Arts: Social and Political Change and the arts in Quebec - Sydney, Australia; published in the conference proceedings

1993 Canadian Arts Presenters’ Association Canadienne des Organisateurs Artistiques: presentation on "Presenting the 'Other Stuff'" - Ottawa, published in the CAPACOA Newsletter

1992 Ontario Arts Council: presentation "Who's afraid of contemporary music" - Toronto, reprinted in French in Alternance, Journal of the Canadian Music Centre, Montreal



1980 McGill University; M.A. Philosophy, thesis on the Aestheteics of Hegel: the evolution of culture - "What does it mean that art is of its time?"

1973 McGill University; B.A. Philosophy, thesis on Freudian theory and its relation to Jewish Mysticism


2001 Private studies in violin

1981-82 McGill University: Courses in religion, written French and philosophy

1978-80 McGill University: Studies for the M.A. in Philosophy

1973-74 Concordia University: Studies for an M.A. in Philosophy

1968-73 McGill University; Studies for the B.A. in Philosophy

1962-68 Hunter College High School, New York

Other Studies Courses at the New School for Social Research in New York; studies in piano, dance and voice. Recipient of adolescent Scholarship from the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, New York City, 1967-68.


National Associat ion of Performing Artists' Managers and Agents: NAPAMA
Member since 1984; Board Member 1991 to present, Secretary 1992 to 1993, President, 1993 to 1995. Organized an International Forum of Artist Managers' Associations to discuss and to try to understand and regulate business practice on a global basis. Meeting at the United Nations in New York.

Canadian Association of Artists Managers: CAAM
Member since 1983; Secretary 1985 and 1989-90; President 1990-92, Board member since 1985.

Canadian Music Centre:
Member since 1994.

Canadian Music Council:
Member of the Board from 1991 to its dissolution.

Conseil Québécois de la musique:
Member since 1993 (Founding member).

CINARS Conférence International des Arts de la Scène, Montréal; Board Member since 1991; planning bi-annual international arts market and alternate years international conference on the arts

JMC Jeunesses Musicales du Canada – Artistic Advisory Committee since 1991; auditioning artists for tours and setting artistic policy and activities of the organization

CAPACOA Canadian Arts Presenters Association Canadienne des Organismes Artistiques

APAP Association of Performing Arts Presenters

WAAA Western Alliance of Arts Administrators

ISPA International Society of Performing Arts Administrators; Board member since Dec 1995

ASOL American Symphony Orchestra League

ACO Association of Canadian Orchestras

CMA Chamber Music America

BACA/IAMA British Association of Concert Agents; International Artists Managers Association

IMAGO THEATRE - Clare Schapiro, Artistic Director, since 2002


Written: English and French.
Spoken: English, French, smattering of German and Italian.


Lectures, radio commentaries and writing on the arts and artist management. Travel for business has included Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Israel, Canada and the United States. There have been several visits to most of these countries and attendance at meetings, concerts and festivals in all of them.


My principal interests are in the work that I do: music, theatre, dance as well as the visual arts and literature. I have been a reader for drafts of novels and poems. I am very interested in traditional cultural practice although this has rarely been a part of my business activity. China and Asian contemporary culture and politics are of particular interest to me. I have taught at University level for many years although less since I have run my own business, and teaching, working with young people, remains a great passion for me. I like to be outdoors and am deeply concerned about the health and well being of the planet and of our society. Community life and the arts is a major concern in my professional and personal life. And my family has always been the sine qua non.

July 2003