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Gabriela Ortiz - National Award for Gabriela Ortiz

Gabriela Ortiz - San Francisco Contemporary Music Players - A World Premiere Commissioned Work by Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz – Corporéa

Gabriela Ortiz - Rumor, legend and a tabloid report sparked 'Camelia la Tejana' The meta-opera, which will have performances at Long Beach Opera, tries to deconstruct the mythology around its central character.

Gabriela Ortiz - Concert embraces Latin composers; fun abounds in voice faculty cabaret:

Gabriela Ortiz - Review - Altar de Fuego
Gabriela Ortiz - Drugs opera opens in Mexico City
Gabriela Ortiz - Mexican opera tackles the myth of "Camelia la tejana" icon of narcocorridos
Gabriela Ortiz - Y Camelia La Tejana se hizo ópera
Gabriela Ortiz - Reflexión sobre el narco, desde la cultura, abrirá el encuentro fmx
Gabriela Ortiz - Explora ópera cómo se creó el mito de Camelia, La Tejana
Gabriela Ortiz - Only the truth —contemporary opera and the making of legends
Gabriela Ortiz - BBC commentsUnicamente la Verdad
Gabriela Ortiz - LA Times on Unicamente la Verdad